Where can I find my game server?

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You rented a server, but can not find it anywhere? This is probably because you rented a cloud and not the server directly. To learn more about clouds, you can read: What is a cloud?

This article briefly explains how to create your game server in the cloud.

Create game server

After the cloud has been ordered, you can add a game server on it. This can be done with the following steps:

  1. Click on My servers and then click on "Add Server"
  2. Select your game and the desired slot number
  3. Click on "Create server"

That's it, the server has now been created and will be installed. After you have created several servers in a cloud, it will look something like this:


I cannot choose server slots

If you have no slots to choose from, then it's because you have not enough slots for the game. There are games where a minimum number of slots, for example 10 slots, are required. All other games need a minimum of 4 slots to be created.

The following games have a different min. slot number:

If you do not have enough slots in the cloud, then you can not select the slots for your desired game and thus cannot create the server.

My server was not created

You might run into the following errors when creating a server:

Server could not be added.png

This can have several causes. Should it occur, simply open a Ticket and tell the support. They can help you out with the server. :-)


Multiple servers

It is not necessary to create a new cloud for each server, this is not the purpose of a cloud (see What is a cloud?). However, a game may not be available in a cloud. In this case you have to order a new cloud and then create the new game server.

What games does my cloud support?

To find out what other games you can play in your cloud, just click on "Add Server" and look at the list of available games. If the game you want is not there, you will need to order a new cloud.