What is a cloud?

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In the web interface, we offer a cloud instead of direct game servers. In this cloud, you can create game servers from different games. This article discusses the features and usage of a cloud.

How does it work?

The purpose of a cloud is that you can create several game servers in a cloud and can also delete them as desired. This means that you can have, for example, a 4 and a 6 slot Minecraft server in a 10 Slot Cloud, or an 8 slot Minecraft server and a 12 Slot Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server in a 20 Slot cloud.

The servers can be changed while the cloud is running. This means that the servers can be deleted, added, or modified at will.

Where can I find my cloud?

You can find your cloud by clicking on My servers. All activated and deactivated clouds are displayed.

How can I add a server to my cloud?

You can find out more about this topic here: Where can I find my game server?

What do the fields mean in my cloud?

  • The orange area displays the Cloud ID. This is needed, for example, for support requests when there are multiple clouds.
  • The yellow area is a button. With this one you can add a game server to your cloud.
  • The red area is a button. With this, you can edit the cloud.
  • The gray area is a selection box for automatic extension. With this you can set whether the cloud should be extended automatically if enough credits are available.
  • The light blue area indicates the remaining paid time. If this expires, the cloud will be deactivated without automatic renewal.
  • The dark blue area indicates whether the cloud is enabled or disabled.
  • The lilac area indicates how much the cloud costs per period.
  • The black area shows the available and used slots.

A cloud with several game servers from different games looks something like this: