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What is a white or ban list?

On a whitelist you can add players who always join your server. If a whitelisted player joins a full server, another player (who is not on the white- or admin-list) will automatically be kicked. Your friends can always join you like this. You can NOT choose which player will be kicked first.

Unwanted, trolling or abusive players can be permanently banned from your server. You will never be able to join your server again, unless you delete them from the ban-list. Thus, a ban list is a great way to keep the good mood on your server.

How to whitelist or ban a player?

In the configurationsfiles you will find a file called WhitelistedUsers.ini. You only need the STEAM64-ID of the player ( and enter it there. If you want to offer more players to be on the whitelist, just write the IDs among each other

The configuration files also contain the counterpart - the BannedUsers.ini. Troublemakers are also listed there with the Steam64ID and you can permanently ban them.

Important Info!

  • After banning or whitelisting a player, it takes a short while. Every 15 seconds, the server reads the list and responds to the entries on this list.
  • Names can be assigned multiple times. You can ban the players by name. However, if this player renames himself, he can annoy you again!


For further questions, our support is looking forward to hear from you :-)