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SCUM - As a prisoner on an island, you will be exposed to the fun of watching reality TV viewers. Are you going to win the fight against your fellow inmates? Or will you lose your life? Find it out! Rent your own SCUM server today at GPORTAL.

Where can I find the settings?

After pressing Basic-Settings, scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the settings. Do not worry, there will be more settings in the future!


Attitude What does this effect?
SpawnerGroupsExpirationTimeInMin How fast do items respawn on the ground in minutes? Important: You must be at least 50 meters away from the item, otherwise it will not spawn.
SpawnerProbabilityMultiplier General respawn of items in the open world
ExamineSpawnerProbabilityMultiplier How fast do items spawn after another player has collected them?
Sentry Damage Multiplier Damagemultiplier for the sentries
Zombie Damage Multiplier Damagemultiplier for the zombies
HumanToHumanDamageMultiplier How much damage will two players deal eachother in general?
HumanToHumanArmedMeleeDamageMultiplier How much damage will two armed players deal eachother?
HumanToHumanUnarmedMeleeDamageMultiplier How much damage will two unarmed players deal eachother?
MaxAllowedZombiesInWorld How many zombies will spawn?
MaxAllowedAnimalsinWorld How many animals will spawn?
MaxAllowedSentriesInWorld How many sentries will spawn (-1 is default)
StartTimeOfTheDay When does the day start in SCUM?
TimeOfTheDay How long does a complete day / night cycle take?
MaxPing Players with a higher Ping will be kicked
TimeBetweenEventsMin How many minutes will at least pass between two events?
TimeBetweenEventsMax How many minutes will at maximum pass between two events?
MaxAllowedVehiclesInWorld How many cars can spawn in the open world? (0-64)
BlueprintsAutoDestroyTime How long does it take till blueprints destroy theirselves? (21600=15 Tage)