Rust: How do I make myself admin?

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Connect to your server with rcon tool "Rusty"

In the first step we will explain how to connect to the server with Rusty.

Download the tool

Now open the tool and go to the Settings tab.

There enter the following values:

Config name: is only intended for you as a label name if several game servers are available.
IP: The IP of your server.
Port: 28015 (always the same).
RCONPort: 28016 (always the same).
Password: The admin password under Basic Settings in the web interface.


Find out your SteamID 64

Here we will briefly show you how to figure out your SteamID64, which will be needed later. Go to and enter your Steam display name there.

Rust 1 steamid.png

In this case the SteamID64 would be 76561197994023767.

Admin entry via Rusty using SteamID64

There are two different admin ranks.

  • Owner is the highest rank you can have on the server
  • Moderator is the lowest rank you can have on the server

There is only one difference between these groups. Owners can appoint other owners and moderators. Moderators can not.

Now you click on Rcon at the top of Rusty and you can now enter the following commands below.

ownerid <steamid> "player name" "reason"
moderatorid <steamid> "player name" "reason"

Replace <steamid> with your SteamID64, the player name with the in-game name and the reason with a word of your choice.


ownerid 76561197994023767 "Finest_" "owner"
moderatorid 76561197994023767 "Finest_" "mod"

Rust 2 in-game admin.png

Click on SEND and you will get a verification if you have been successfully registered as owner. It should look like this: "Added owner Finest_, steamid 76561197994023767".

Saving cfg

In the end, everything still needs to be saved. To do this, execute the following command in Rusty.


Now you will also be registered as owner after a server restart.