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PixARK is an Open World Survival / Shooter with Minecraft Style from Snailgames

In this tutorial we will explain you on how you can get Admin on your Server.

Opening and using the in-game console

'Step 1:' Once you arrived ingame, you open the console with the "TAB" button

'Step 2:' Next we activate the admin mode (this has to be done every time you reconnect to the server) With the command "enablecheats ADMINPASSWORT"

PixARK admin1.jpeg

'Step 3:' Now you have the adminrights and you can test it.

Useful Commands

Here is a link to a page which keeps the commands always up to date. Before each command always "cheat" must be set

Ark Gamepedia.com

Enter the game admin in the web interface

Also, you can easily log in to the web interface as an admin with your Steamid64 (The one starting with 76....)

It can be found in the interface here:

My Servers -> Your Ark Server -> Basic Settings -> Basic Settings -> Admin Access

There you enter your SteamID64 and save it. After a server restart everything is active then.

PixARK admin2.png