PixArk how to create a new world

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PixARK is an Open World Survival / Shooter with Minecraft Style from Snailgames

In this tutorial we will explain you how you can create a new savegame.

Create new / another world

Step 1: Go to the "Basic settings" to the option "Savegame".

Step 2: You enter a 'new' world name instead of "world" or your existing world.


Step 3: You restart your server. After the restart, you spawn on a completely new world.

Switch between the worlds

Next, we want to show you how to play on your old world again when you have created a new one.

Step 1: You go back to your PixARK server on the "basic settings" to the option "Savegame".

Step 2: Enter the old world name again (here world) and restart your server again.