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PixARK is an Open World Survival / Shooter with Minecraft Style from Snailgames

In this tutorial we will explain you on how you can backup your Savegame.

Where do I find the savegame

Your savegame is located on your FTP server in the following directory

If you do not know how to connect to your FTP, you will find an article here How do I connect to my FTP server?

'/ Shooter game /'

The savegame folder would be here '"Saved"'

PixARK Savegame.png

Delete savegame

You can now simply delete the Saved folder. By deleting you reset your server completely.

Savegame Backup

Download the folder Saved on your computer. The savegame can then be used with any other provider or PC (locally). Furthermore, you can easily use our backup system of the web interface for backup.

To do this you go the following way in the web interface

  • 'Step 1:' My-Server
  • 'Step 2:' click on your Ark server
  • 'Step 3:' click System
  • 'Step 4:' click Backup