Minecraft server commands at a glance

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This article lists some Minecraft server commands you can use in your server console or in-game.


All commands might not work on your server if you are running an older version of the game.


A server command can be executed in several ways:

  • By typing it in the chat. However, in most cases, the player must have OP rights.
  • By typing it in the console.
  • Using a Command Block.


Helpful commands

Command Description
/? Identical to /help.
/debug Starts or stops writing a debug log.
/help Lists one or more commands and their syntax.
/locate Displays the coordinates of the nearest building.
/scoreboard Manages teams and self-defined scores.
/seed Defines the starting seed of the world.
/stats Manages the updating of scoreboard objectives with the results of other commands.
/testfor Checks whether an object fulfills a condition.
/testforblock Checks if a particular block is in a specified position.
/testforblocks Checks if two block areas are identical.


Command Description
/me Sends a chat message with the name of the player and an action text.
/msg Identical to /tell.
/say Sends a message to all players in the chat.
/tell Sends a message to a specific player.
/tellraw Sends a message to a specific player with formatting.
/w Identical to /tell (w = whisper).

Managing entities

Command Description
/achievement Gives the player an achievement.
/advancement Gives the player rights for crafting.
/clear Removes items from the players inventory.
/effect Gives the creature a status effect.
/enchant Gives an enchantment to the item the player is holding in their hands.
/entitydata Changes the properties of a creature.
/execute Lets the entity execute a command.
/gamemode Changes the game mode of the player.
/give Gives an item to the player.
/kill Kills the creature immediately.
/particle Makes particles appear around the entity.
/playsound Plays a sound for the player.
/recipe Gives the player crafting recipes.
/replaceitem Replaces items in the inventory of the player.
/spawnpoint Changes the spawn point of the player.
/spreadplayers Distributes players within the given area.
/stopsound Stop playing a sound for the player.
/title Displays a title screen to the player.
/tp Teleports the player to the target.
/trigger Changes the score of the player.
/xp Gives the player experience points.

Managing the world

Command Description
/blockdata Changes the tile entity data of a block in the world.
/clone Copies a block to another location.
/defaultgamemode Changes the default game mode of the world.
/difficulty Changes the difficulty of the world.
/fill Fills an area with the specified block.
/gamerule Changes the rules of the world.
/publish Publishes the world for LAN play.
/setblock Sets or deletes a block at a specified location.
/setworldspawn Sets the world spawn location.
/summon Summons an object or a creature.
/time Changes the time of day.
/toggledownfall Stops rainfall.
/weather Changes the weather.
/worldborder Creates a border around the world.

Server management

Command Description
/ban Bans a player from the server.
/ban-ip Bans an IP-address from the server.
/banlist Displays banned players and IP-addresses.
/deop Removes OP-permissions from a player.
/kick Kicks a player from the server.
/list Lists all players on the server.
/op Gives OP-permissions to a player.
/pardon Unbans a player from the server.
/pardon-ip Unbans an IP-address from the server.
/save-all Saves the world on the server.
/save-off Disables automatic saving.
/save-on Enables automatic saving.
/setidletimeout Sets a limit on how long players can be idle before being kicked.
/stop Stops the server.
/whitelist Manage the list of players allowed on the server.