How to give someone else permissions to my game server?

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You can give everyone permissions to your game server. Then they will be able to, for example, restart or stop the server but they will not be able to delete the server. However, you need to think exactly to whom you give the permissions to your server because they can always cause damage.

Find the server

Since many people have more than one game server, first you have to check which servers you want to give permissions to. First, click on My servers and then on the corresponding server to get into the settings. You should see a "Permissions" tab above the server status.


There you can simply enter the username of your friend to give them permissions to your server.

Finding the username

Your friend needs an account on If he does not have it, he should quickly get one. Otherwise you can not assign permissions to him. Once you are registered, the username is at the bottom left of the web page.


Test it

Once your friend has registered he should see a new cloud named "Permissions" and your server under My servers: