How do I use a coupon code?

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If you received a coupon code, for example from an promotion, then you can redeem it. This does not take long and can be done very easily.

Where can I redeem the code?

To redeem the code, you must first be registered on our site. If you have done this, you can redeem the code on the following page:

The page should look like this:


In the red box, enter your coupon code and click UNLOCK.

My code doesn't work, now what?

The following reasons may be why your coupon code does not work:

  • Try again later! - There was an unknown error, try again later!
  • Unfortunately, this code does not exist. Please check your input! - Are you sure that the coupon code was copied correctly? Because this error message means that the coupon code does not exist.
  • Unfortunately, the maximum number of codes has been used! - Unfortunately, you were too late, all available codes were already used.
  • This code has already been used! - This code has already been used, for example by you or another user.
  • This code has already expired. - Unfortunately, the code has expired, we are sorry. :-(

If you still have any questions, you can open a new ticket at We will take a look at your problem as soon as possible! :-)