How do I install plugins on my Minecraft server?

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In this article we will briefly explain how you can install plugins on your Minecraft server.

Finding plugins

To install a plugin, you first have to find and download it. This can be done on the following page:

You can use the search bar in the top right for finding plugins:


Download plugins

In this example we will be looking for and installing the plugin WorldEdit. After searching for WorldEdit, you should see something like this:


Select WorldEdit by clicking on the name of the plugin. The page should look like this:


Click the Download button in the top right.

After that you should have downloaded a file. You can now rename this file to WorldEdit.jar so that it stays consistent and clear for future updates:


The plugin WorldEdit has now been downloaded.

Change server to craftbukkit

In order for you to use the plugin, the server must be changed to the modification Craftbukkit or Spigot. You can read more about changing mods here: How do I change the modpack in Minecraft?

Upload plugins

In order to upload the plugins, you have to connect to your server via FTP. If you do not know how to use FTP, please read: How do I connect to my FTP server?

Upload the plugin to the plugins folder:


Once the plugin has been uploaded via FTP, it is fully installed. Now the Minecraft server can be started. After the first start of the server with the plugin, a folder with the same name should be created:


This folder contains all the configuration-relevant files of the plugin needed to manage it.

That's it, the plugin is installed and should now run!