How do I add myself to whitelist in Minecraft?

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To prevent unauthorized players from accessing your Minecraft server, you can activate a whitelist. A whitelist ensures that only certain players can connect to the server and no others. This also means that you have to take care of it if you want to have more players on your server.

Note that the whitelist does not work for online-mode=false servers. This is indirectly prevented by Mojang.

If you already have OP rights on the server, then you are automatically on the whitelist.

Editing the whitelist

Open the console

Console tab

Click on My servers and on your Minecraft server. Then click on the Console tab.

Adding a player to the white list

Enter the command whitelist add player name in the console. Replace player name with your name in the game. So for example if your name is 'Tom123', then you would have to enter whitelist add Tom123.

Now you are on the whitelist!

Removing a player from the whitelist

To remove a player from the whitelist, you can use the command whitelist remove player name.