How do I add my own modpack?

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It may happen that a mod pack is not offered directly by us. This does not mean that you can not install it on your server. In this article we will explain how you can install your own modpacks. For this tutorial we will be using the modpack FeedTheBeast Infinity Evolved.

This modpack is already included in the web interface (see How do I change the modpack in Minecraft?), but it is quite easy to explain how the installation of such a modpack would work.

Download a modpack

To install a modpack on the server, you must first download the modpack. There are many sites you can download modpacks from. Here are a few examples:

What should be noted, however, is that the modpack must also have a server version. Otherwise the installation of the modpack will not work.

Installing a modpack

Prepare the modpack

After the modpack has been downloaded, it is often still packaged as a .zip file. This must be unpacked so that you can upload it to the server.

It may still be necessary to download files for the server before the first startup. These files are named, for example, FTBInstall.bat, forge-version number-installer.jar or something similar. These files must still be run locally on your computer to download the necessary files needed for the server.

If this has been done then the preparation of the modpack should be done and it can now be uploaded.

Upload the modpack

Now that the modpack has been prepared, it can be uploaded. First select the modification Custom Modpack in the web interface. If you do not know how to change the modification, please read How do I change the modpack?. The version is not important here. After this has been changed, you will need to connect to the server via FTP. If you do not know how to use FTP, please read: How do I connect to my FTP server?

After you've uploaded the modpack, it should look like this on your server:


The following files can be deleted because they are no longer needed:

  • FTBInstall.bat
  • Server-file.jar
  • ServerStart.bat
  • settings.bat

These files may differ from modpack to modpack, but often the names of the files are similar or completely the same.

Set up modpack on the server

In order for the modpack to be started, the main server file must be renamed. In this case it is called FTBServer-version.Jar. Just rename this file to server-file.jar. If a server-file.jar already exists, delete it first.

That's it, the custom modpack should now be playable! :-)