How do I add RAM to my Minecraft server?

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If the server lags or stutters often, this can be caused by it not having enough RAM. Of course, we at g-portal try to give you the best possible price/performance ratio, but we can only give a limited amount of memory to 4-slot Minecraft server, for example.

With 4 slots you get one GB of RAM by default. This should be sufficient for most servers.

How can I get more memory?

There are currently three ways to increase your memory: The first option is to increase the number of slots on the server. For a tutorial on increasing slot count, see: How do I change the slots and the term of my cloud? The second option is to upgrade the server via a RAM upgrade. The third option is to upgrade to an EPS server.

How much memory can I get in a slot upgrade?

With a slot upgrade, your server automatically gets more memory allocated. Below is our formula by which we calculate the RAM for your server:

4 slots = 1024 MB
8 slots = 2048 MB
12 slots = 3196 MB
Each slot thus gives 256 MB of RAM

For EPS Servers the amount is always double of the values listed above.


With 6 slots, you get 1.5 GB of RAM that your server can use.
With 8 slots you get 2 GB of RAM.
With 50 slots, you get 12.8 GB of RAM.

Can I expand my memory differently?

In order to avoid having to add slots, you can manually add more RAM after creating your Minecraft server. On the Status page of your server, you will find a button that says " CLICK HERE TO ADD MORE RAM".


You will have an option of adding between 1 to 8 GB of RAM. The price is calculated based on the remaining duration of your cloud and what you have already been charged. You will need to have sufficient funds on your account.

How much memory does my server need?

This is difficult to say, because each server requires different amounts of RAM. Some servers require a lot, others very little. For example, if you want to play classic Minecraft without mods with a few friends, then one GB of memory is enough. But if it's a big modpack, like FeedTheBeast: Infinity, then more memory is needed. For FeedTheBeast: Infinity, it should optimally always be around 4 GB.