Farming Simulator 13/15: Where do I find my web interface?

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Farming Simulator 15 invites you into the sophisticated world of a modern farm. Face the challenges of farming - including growing, harvesting and selling crops

In this article we explain briefly how you can use the additional web interface of Farming Simulator 13 or 15 servers.

The way to the web interface

Step 1: Log in to and click on My servers and then on the respective server. Then open the tab Basic Settings.


Step 2: Click on the Web interface LINK (marked in the picture above)


Step 3: Now you are in the web interface of FS, where you can configure the server and start the game itself.

Servername: The name of the server, used for finding it ingame.
Administrator Password: The password used to unlock admin powers.
Game Password: You can add a password to your server to make it private.
Savegame Slot: Here you can switch between different saves.
Map (Empty Savegame): Here you can switch between different maps.
Difficulty (Empty Savegame): Here you can change the difficulty.
Dirt: How fast vehicles get dirty ingame.
Matchmaking Server: Select the country to be displayed ingame.
Game Language: Which language the server should have ingame.
Save Interval [min]: How often the server should save in minutes.
Web Stats Interval [sec]: How often the web interface updates in seconds.
Pause Game If Empty: Should the game pause when no players are on the server?