Farming Simulator 13/15: How do I find my server ingame?

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Farming Simulator 15 invites you into the sophisticated world of a modern farm. Face the challenges of farming - including growing, harvesting and selling crops
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In this article, we will briefly explain how to find your server ingame. Your game and server versions must match with eachother! In 90% of all cases, the client is outdated.

If you still can not find the server you can simply open a ticket and our live support will take care of it immediately.

Find game version of the server

Step 1: Navigate to the web interface of your Farming Simulator 13/15 server

Step 2: If you do not know where to find the web interface, here is a short wiki article Farming Simulator 13/15: Where do I find my web interface?

Step 3: You can find the server version under the HOME tab, as seen in the picture.


Find the version of your local install

Open your game and look in the main menu at the bottom right for the version.


Where can I get updates for FS 13/15?

Updates from Giants Software

Here you can find all updates to FS 13 and 15 if you have a non-Steam version of Farming Simulator.

PS: For FS13, you have to scroll down a bit

Updates from Steam

If you purchased your FS 13/15 via Steam the will game update itself automatically.