Creating a new world with your own seed in Minecraft

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If you do not like your randomly generated world, you can choose between some given seeds on the internet. Here's how to use a seed to create a new world on your Minecraft server.

Where can I find seeds?

One site where you can find Minecraft seeds is:

Using a custom seed

Set your seed

Basic Settings in the web interface

Navigate to My servers and to your Minecraft server. Then open the Basic Settings tab.

To set your own seed, you must enter it in the field provided.


Create world with configured seed

Finally, you have to create a new world so that the seed becomes active and the world is generated with it. In the Basic Settings tab you will find a field called Worldname. By default, the value will be world. You can change this value as you like. To prevent issues, it is best not to use special characters, umlauts or spaces.

More about creating a new world can be found in the following article: Creating a new world in Minecraft.