Creating a new world in Minecraft

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If you play Minecraft for a longer time, sometimes the world will get too boring and you'll want to start over fresh. But how do you change the world without erasing the old one? This is explained in this article.

Change world name

Find Basic Settings

Basic Settings in the web interface

Click on My servers and on the respective server. Then open the tab Basic Settings.

Change world name

Change the world name here

In the field Basic Settings you will find the field Worldname. By default, world is set as the world name. You can change this value as you like. To prevent errors, it is best not to use any special characters, umlauts or spaces. It could cause problems in the future.

After the value has been changed, all you have to do is click on Save Button and Restart Server. That's it, now the server is creating the new world and you can connect to your server with a newly created world.

Start the old world again

However, if you do not like it, you can simply reset the name in the World Name field. For example, if your world was called world beforehand, then the value world must be inserted in the field, saved and the server rebooted.