Conan Exiles: Server settings and explanations

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In this article we will briefly explain Conan Exiles server settings.


All settings are available in our web interface.

Click on My servers and on the respective Conan Exiles server. Then navigate to the Settings tab.

Parameter Description Min value Max value
CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructures Can player made structures be damaged? TRUE FALSE
EnableSandStorm Turns sandstorms on or off. TRUE FALSE
ClanMaxSize The maximum amount of players a clan can have. 0 60
MaxNudity Determines the level of nudity visible in-game, FALSE, Full, Partial Probably 0 Probably 5
PlayerXPRateMultiplier Multiplier for player experience 0.1 10
PlayerXPTimeMultiplier Multiplier for player experience gained over time 0.1 10
PlayerXPKillMultiplier Multiplier for player experience gained from killing mobs 0.1 10
PlayerXPHarvestMultiplier Multiplier for player experience gained from harvesting 0.1 10
PlayerXPCraftMultiplier Multiplier for player experience gained from crafting 0.1 10
DayCycleSpeedScale Day/night cycle speed 0.1 10
DayTimeSpeedScale Length of the day in-game, the higher the multiplier the longer the phase is. 0.1 10
NightTimeSpeedScale Length of the night in-game, the higher the multiplier the longer the phase is. 0.1 10
DawnDuskSpeedScale Length of dusk or daybreak in-game, the higher the multiplier the longer the phase is. 0.1 10
ClientCatchUpTime A kind of spawn protection, phase in which new players are protected before you actively participate in the game, especially sensible for PVP servers. 1 24
PlayerStaminaCostMultiplier Multiplier for player stamina cost. 0.1 10
PlayerActiveThirstMultiplier Multiplier for player thirst, changes how fast players get thirsty in-game. 0.1 10
PlayerActiveHungerMultiplier Multiplier for player hunger, changes how fast players get hungry in-game. 0.1 10
LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld Determines if logged out characters are still visible in the world. TRUE FALSE
DropLootOnDeath Determines should you lose all your equipment when you die, until you have walked to your corpse and collected everything again. TRUE FALSE
EverybodyCanLootCorpse Determines if anybody can loot dead players. TRUE FALSE
NPCRespawnMultiplier Determines how fast NPCs respawn. 0.1 10
AvatarLifetime Lifetime of an Avatar. 30 120
AvatarsDisabled Disables Avatars. TRUE FALSE
ItemSpoilRateScale Multiplier for item spoil speed 0.1 10
HarvestAmountMultiplier Multiplier for the amount of resources harvested 0.1 10
ResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplier Multiplier for the speed at which resources respawn 0.1 10
LandClaimRadiusMultiplier Multiplier for the area that will be claimed by a player building something. 0.1 10
CraftingSpeedMultiplier Multiplier for crafting speed 0.1 10
ChatLocalRadius Radius at which local chat can be seen 0 20.000.0
ChatMaxMessageLength How many characters a single message can be 0 1024
ChatHasGlobal Enables global chat TRUE FALSE
MaxAggroRange The maximum aggro range of NPCs and mobs 0 9000
PlayerOfflineHungerMultiplier Multiplier for player hunger when offline 0.1 10
PlayerIdleHungerMultiplier Multiplier for player hunger when idle 0.1 10
ShieldDurabilityMultiplier Multiplier for the durability of a shield 0.1 10
PlayerHealthMultiplier Multiplier for player health 0.1 10
PlayerStaminaMultiplier Multiplier for player stamina 0.1 10
ItemSpoilRateScale Multiplier for item spoil rate 0.1 10
NoOwnership Anything that is built or left behind has no ownership TRUE FALSE
CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructures Buildings of players can be damaged TRUE FALSE
DropShortcutbarOnDeath Your shortcut is deleted when you die TRUE FALSE
DropBackpackOnDeath You lose your backpack when you die TRUE FALSE
ChatFloodControlAheadCounter Chat spam protection, how many messages can be sent in a particular time frame 0 200
NPCKnockbackMultiplier Multiplier for NPC knockback amount 0.1 10
PlayerKnockbackMultiplier Multiplier for player knockback amount 0.1 10
StructureDamageMultiplier Multiplier for structure damage 0.1 10
StructureDamageTakenMultiplier Multiplier for structure damage taken. 0.1 10
StructureHealthMultiplier Multiplier for structure health 0.1 10
NPCHealthMultiplier Multiplier for NPC health 0.1 10
CraftingCostMultiplier Multiplier for crafting costs 0.1 100
PlayerDamageMultiplier Multiplier for player damage 0.1 10
PlayerDamageTakenMultiplier Multiplier for player damage taken 0.1 10