Conan Exiles: How do I install mods on my server?

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Here at you have a very easy way to install modifications on your Conan game server from the Steam Workshop. This is done in very few steps and we will show you how.

Finding mods in the Steam Workshop

First you need to find mods that you want in the Steam Workshop. Simply go on and use the search on that page:


After you have found your Workshop mod, you simply need to copy the name of the mod or the ID. You can find the ID here:


Write either the name or the ID down so you can continue later on.

Install mod on your server

To install the mod on your sever now, navigate to My servers, your Conan server, and click on Mods. On that page you have to enter the name or the ID of your mod that you want to install:


After you have entered the name or ID, just click on Search. You will now find the results on the page. Click on Add that is next to your mod:


That should be it! Your mod will be installed after a server restart and also automatically updated. You don't need to do anything from here anymore. :-)