How do I use RCON on my game server?

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Rcon is the interface with which you can administer your server. It allows you to send commands to your game server without having to play on it. Only the Rcon password must be set in the server settings, everything else is setup automatically.

Using the web interface console

Of course, we have a console built into the web interface so you do not have to use external tools (more below) like HLSW.

In the web interface, click on My servers and then on the server you want to administer (e.g. CS:1.6, CS:Source, CS:Global Offensive, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress or ARK:SE) and then on the Console.png tab.

External tools

You can use external tools, such as HLSW, to administer your server. HLSW will allow you to send RCON commands to the server or simply get stats.

Directly on the server

You can, of course, connect directly to your server and execute commands there. For example if you wanted to display the "In-game Console" on a Counter-strike: Source server, the easiest way to do this is to set the launch parameter "-console" in the game settings. The console is then automatically displayed.

Right click on the game -> Properties Click on "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..." Set "-console" and click on "OK"


A list of some commands can be found under the console in the web interface. If this is not enough, Valve Developer Community will list more.