CSGO: How do I make myself admin in SourceMod?

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Please read How do I connect to my FTP server? if you do not know how to connect to your FTP server.

Once you've successfully installed Metamod and Sourcemod (CSGO: How do I install SourceMod on my server?), you will need to make yourself admin to run sourcemod commands. There are 2 options: "Simple" and "Detailed". We are dealing with the simple method here, since this is sufficient for most servers. If not, you can find the official tutorial here.

These instructions refer to the games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2.

Find your SteamID

If you do not know your SteamID yet, you have to find it out first. The easiest way to do this is through online tools such as [1] or steamid.io.

You can also connect to a server and enter the command "status" in the console. The console then gives you the SteamID's of all players on the server. Some games will list your SteamID3 (U:X:XX) rather than your SteamID, as shown in the picture below. In this case you will need to convert it to SteamID using steamid.io.

Sm admin console.jpg

The admin file

You can find your admin config file here: /addons/sourcemod/configs/admins_simple.ini

Sm admin file.jpg

Adding admins

Open the file and scroll down to the bottom. In a completely empty line enter:

"STEAM_x: x: xxxxxxxx" "99: z"

For a normal admin it might look like this:

"STEAM_x: x: xxxxxxxx" "50: abcdefghijk"

Example picture:

Sm admin add.jpg

Flags (rights)

Here is a list of all the rights you can give.

Name Flag Effect
reservation a Reserves a slot
generic b Required for admins
kick c Can others kick
ban d Can ban others
unban e Can unbench others
slay f Can kill/hurt others
changemap G Can change the map
cvar H Can change most cvar's
config i Can run configs
chat j Special chat rights
vote k Can create/start votes
password l Can set a password for the server
con m an RCON use commands
cheats n Can change and use sv_cheats
root z Magically activates all rights and gives immunity to everything


Sourcemod has a very flexible immunity system. Every admin can have an "immunity level". Immunity levels control, for example, which admins can "kick" or "slay" other admins.

Example: Admin#1 has a "Level" of 3 and Admin#2 has a "Level of 10.

Admin#1 can neither kick, ban, slay Admin#2. Admin#2, however, can do all that to Admin#1.

Admins with "z" flag are immune to everything.