CSGO: How do I install plugins for SourceMod?

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You can install plugins for SourceMod, which can, for example, add new features or help the players and administrators of the server.

You can find out how to install SourceMod in this article: CSGO: How do I install SourceMod on my server?

Where can I find plugins?

You can search for plugins on this page: http://www.sourcemod.net/plugins.php

Simply enter your search term in the search field and click on Search!. After that, the found plugins are displayed. In this example, I'm looking for a plugin that shows me all active admins on the server. To do this I enter the search term "Admin List" at Title and search for it. If something was found, it looks like this:


The small logo next to the plugin name shows you which game the plugin is 'suitable' for. If you only have the Steam logo, as in this example, then the plugin should work on all games and not cause any problems.

After you have found your plugin, just click on the name and you will be directed to the plugin page. As an example, here we use the first plugin from the list.

Download plugin

To get the plugin, you simply have to click on Get Plugin' on the page. If this is different in the installation instructions of a plugin, then please follow them. The link to download looks like this:


After downloading the plugin, you should only have one .smx file. This will be used in the next step.

Installing plugins on your server

To install plugins on your server, you have to connect to your server via FTP. Once connected, switch to the SourceMod folder. There you will find a folder called plugins. The .smx file must be uploaded to this folder and the server restarted. (You can also run the server command sm plugins refresh to load new plugins. Note that this might not work for all plugins.) If everything was uploaded correctly and the plugin works, it will be active after a server restart. :-)