CSGO: How do I get a GSL token for my server?

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For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you need a so-called Game Server Login Token. This token is tied to your Steam account. It is imperative that the token is registered with your server, otherwise it will not start.

The token is tied to the Steam account. This means that if the server is banned by Valve, it will be unusable and your CS:GO server will not work anymore. Never share your token with other people. Also, the token only works on one server at a time. This means that a token must be generated for each server.

Prerequisites for a token

The following requirements must be met by your Steam account in order to be able to create a token. Your Steam Account ...

If one or more points do not apply to your account, unfortunately you can not operate a CS: GO server with the account.

How do I create a token?

Creating a token is easy. Just follow this guide:

Step 1: Apply for a Token

Go to the GSLT summary page

First, go to https://steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameservers. If you do not yet own a steam account, please register one. Once you are logged in, it should look like this:

The page https://steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameservers
Guide page of GSLT

Add a server

To add your own server, enter 730 in the App ID field. In the field Memo you can insert a comment in order not to lose the overview of several tokens. As an example, you can also enter the server IP of the CS:GO server.

After the two fields have been filled in, it should look something like this:

The page https://steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameservers with entered data
This is how it should look if the fields were filled out correctly

When everything is filled out, simply click on the Create button and the token will be created.

Finding tokens

After clicking on the Create button, the page should reload and the token should appear in a table. It should look like this:

Image for the generated token
The generated token

The Regenerate Token button generates a new token. This is necessary if the token is used by a third person without your permission. With the Set Memo button you can change the description of your token. The Delete button deletes your token.

Step 2: Add token to your server

Navigate to your CS:GO server

Basic Settings tab in the web interface

Now select your CS:GO server on which you would like to use the token. You can find your server under My servers.

Enter Tokens

Now switch to the Basic settings tab. There you will find a field called 'Game Server Login Token'. Enter the token and click on 'Save'. Once done, it should look like this:

The registered GSL token in the web interface

All done. The server should now be able to start. :-)