CSGO: How do I connect to my server?

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This guide will show you how to connect to your server. It mainly applies to the games Counter-Strike (1.6, Source, Global Offensive), Garrys Mod and Team Fortress 2.

Over the web interface

Click that button to connect to the server

First, click on My servers and then on the server, which you want to connect to. Scroll down on the page and you will see a box which says "Join Server". Click on the button and confirm the message of your browser, which tries to start the link with an external application (Steam).

Over in-game console

Please check HERE if you do not know how to open the in-game console.

In the game console, type "Connect [IP]". As an example: connect 12.345.678.90:27015 You can also find the IP of your game server under My servers.

Over the server browser


Just open your game and click on "Join Server". There you can add servers to your favorites (then you'll have them in the list forever). Just enter the IP of your game server and double click on your server name to join.

Steam Server Browser

That is how you open the server browser

That is the same method as the "in-game" method, with the difference that you don't have to open the game itself. Click on "View" in Steam and then on "Servers". You can add the address of your server in that new window and then connect directly to it.

Serverbrowser hinzuf├╝gen.png