Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4): In-game admin

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Here's how to gain admin rights on your game server.

Join your Ark server

First, you need to connect to your Ark PS4 server. Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4): How do I join my server?

Set admin password in web interface

Click on My servers and then on your Ark PS4 server. Then open the Basic Settings tab. Enter your desired password under "Admin password" and save it. Afterwards it is important to restart the server.


Use admin password

To get administrator privileges, you need to use the password you set in the web interface earlier.

First, you have to open the menu with the "OPTIONS" button. Then press L1 + R1 + Rectangle + Triangle at the same time and enter your admin password next to "Request Admin".


Now you should have the opportunity to use various admin commands.