Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4): How do I join my server?

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Here's how to find and connect to your Ark PS4 server.

Customize server name

For now it is important that the server name of your Ark server is unique and has no special characters. For example "Ark Server of MyNickname" or "The Cool Ark Server". This way it will be easier for you and your teammates to find the server.

How to customize the server name

Click on My servers and then on your Ark PS4 server. Then open the Basic Settings tab. If you have set the server name, it is important that you save it and restart the server.


Find game server in the server browser

If the server name has been set accordingly and the server is running, we can search for the server in-game.

To do this we press 'Join Ark' in the game.


Then search for the server name.


Once the server shows up, you can connect to it.