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In this article we will explain how you can troubleshoot and fix issues with your server. Server problems can unfortunately have many reasons in ARK because the game is currently still in the alpha stage. Most of the problems are listed here.

ATTENTION: Before making changes to the server, please make a backup.

Finding and solving problems


Most problems are unfortunately caused by mods. Mods enrich the game but also usually bring extra load for the server, which in turn can lead to lag and performance issues. If the server does not start, please check if the mods are compatible with the latest Ark version. If the mod is compatible, you should still disable it to see if the server starts.

Broken savegames

Now and then savegames can also become corrupted, which prevents a server from starting. Savegames can be damaged, for example, by mods when they are removed and an item is completely removed from the game world. When encountering broken savegames, generating a new savegame is usually unavoidable.


The final option is the hardware. It can happen that the resources are incorrectly assigned or that a highly loaded system slows down the server process. In this case, if you checked steps 1 and 2 and could not find anything, you can report your problem to us via support ticket.

Evaluating error messages

ARK provides so-called crash stacks as soon as the server has a crash or another interruption. In order to be able to analyze the log file more precisely, you have to log on to your server via FTP and open the following path: /ShooterGame/Saved/Logs. There you will find all log data. There are a few important messages which can be structured as follows:

Unable to load world object headers from world save file

This message mostly describes the world (savegame) being somehow broken. The easiest way to fix this is to import the last functional backup.

Ran out of memory allocating XXXX bytes with alignment 0

This message indicates that there are problems with the memory, usually this error message occurs when there is not enough RAM available (servers with up to 24 slots have 6GB RAM and each slot after the 24th gives 256MB RAM). In this case, you can contact us via ticket and we will try to find a solution together.

Bad name index

If this error message occurs, there are problems with one of the mods and it can not be executed anymore. First you should see if all your mods are up to date. If not, the mod has to be deactivated and a savegame must be imported from back when the mod was not present on the server. Alternatively, start a new savegame or wait to update the mod.

Fatal Error

This message is currently meaningless and vague. Most of the time this message is a mixture of "Bad name index" and "Unable to load world object headers from world save file". Here mods should be deactivated and an old savegame should be imported so that the server is reachable again.

From time to time it is possible that this message is output in the restart log as soon as a restart has been executed.