Ark: Survival Evolved: Rcon / ARKon

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In this tutorial we will explain you on how you can use ARK RCON / ARKon on servers by

RCON tool "ARKon"

Connect to the server

First you have to download that tool from here: Download

You need this tool in order to connect to your server via RCON. Open the RCON tool and click on Settings:


Enter the following entries into the settings:

Config name: Here you can enter your own label

Server IP: Your IP from your ARK server

RCON Port: Your RCON port. You can find that on the My servers page

Password: Your admin password that you set under Basic settings

Chat name: Here you can enter the name that is shown in the in-game chat, whenever you send a message from the RCON tool

It should look like that:


After that just click on save:


Your settings have been saved now. To connect to the server just click on Connect. You should be connected to your server now!