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In this article, we will briefly explain how you can install mods, maps, or total conversions on your Ark: Survival Evolved server.

Install mods via web interface

Click on My servers and on the respective server. Then open the tab Mods.


Here you can search for mods and add them to your server.

Subscribing to mods on Steam

Go to Steam Workshop of ARK and subscribe to any interesting mods.

The mods will be automatically downloaded and installed by Steam. Once Steam is done installing the mods, you must restart your game.

Uploading local mods to your server

Open local mod directory

Go to your local directory where your Ark mods are installed. By default Steam installs ARK mods to: Your Steam Directory/Shootersgame/Content/Mods


Uploading the mods to your server

Step 1: Under My Servers -> Your Ark Server -> Status (A little further down) you will find the FTP access data you can use to connect to your server.

If you do not know how to use FTP you can find a contribution in our Wiki How do I connect to my FTP server?.

Step 2: In the FTP directory, go to the directory /ShootersGame/Content/ and create the folder Mods if it does not already exist. This is where you will upload your mods. Make sure to upload both the .mod file as well as the folder with the same name.


Activating your mods

Next we go back to the web interface. Under My Servers -> Your ARK Server -> Basic Settings you will find Mod Settings where you can now move mods to "Selected" by dragging and dropping.


Then restart the server for your mod to be active.

Manual updating of mods

Upload all mods as normal as if you were installing them during an initial installation.

Your FTP program will tell you that there are already files and will ask your if want to overwrite them.

Select only overwrite files if size is different and deselect for all uploads.

This way you can update your mods without having to upload the entire mods completely.