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In this article, we will briefly explain how to use the in-game admin in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Joining your ARK server

If you do not know how to connect to your server, see the following article. Ark: Survival Evolved: How do I join my server?

Using in-game console

Step 1: Once in the game, open the console with the "TAB" key.

Step 2: Next, we enable Admin mode (this has to be done on each server) with the command "enablecheats ADMINPASSWORDHERE"


Step 3: Finally we broadcast a test message.



Useful commands

Ark Gamepedia has a page with up to date commands.

Add admins in the web interface

You can easily enter the web interface as an admin with your Steamid64 (To find your steam id, see Where can I find my SteamID 64?)

It can be found in the web interface as follows

My Servers -> Your Ark Server -> Settings -> Basic Settings -> Basic Settings -> Admin Accesses

There you enter your SteamID64 and save it. After a server reboot everything will be active.