Ark: Survival Evolved: How to join my server?

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In this article, we will briefly explain how you can connect to your server.

Direct connect via Steam

First we would like to introduce you to the way you can connect to the server via Steam (Steam server list). This is done in three smaller steps.

Step 1: Open Steam, and then click View, and then click Servers.


Step 2: Go to the Favorites tab and click Add Server, then input your server IP and Port.


Step 3:

Click on UPDATE after adding the server and right click on your server to join!


Steam join link via our web interface

Step 1: In the web interface, click My servers, and then click on your Ark server.


Step 2: Click the Status tab, and then click Join Server.


Join using the in-game server browser

Step 1: Launch Ark: Survival Evolved and click on Join Ark.

Step 2: At the top of server browser is a name filter: enter the name of your game server. In our example, "Ark: Survival Evolved WIKI Server by".

Step 3: At the bottom of the server browser are the filters. Change server type from Official to UnOfficial, and if your server has a password, check Show Password Protected.