Ark: Survival Evolved: Cross-Travel

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In this tutorial we will explain you how to use the Cross-Travel function from ARK at

Activate Cross-Travel in the web interface

Click on My servers and then on the server, which you want to set up for Cross-Travel. After you have done that, click on Basic settings.

Set activate travel on Activated and set an unique ID in cluster id. That ID is needed to connect your server with other servers. After you have done that just click on Save and that's it!


You can either keep that ID private only for your servers or share it with other people, for example if you want that other server owners add their server to the cluster.

Does this work on all ARK servers?

This Cross-Travel function works only servers that are hosted by Unfortunately it doesn't work with servers outside

Admin commands and coordinates

Scorched Earth

RED: cheat setplayerpos -85000 169000 -16000
GREEN: cheat setplayerpos 195000 500 -12400

The Island

Green: cheat setplayerpos 180000 71864 -10000

The Center

Red Obelisk: cheat setplayerpos 36000 -209600 2000
Green Obelisk: cheat setplayerpos -373200 42600 -14000
Blue Obelisk: cheat setplayerpos 249600 193600 -8700


My character is gone after I clicked the spawn button

That only happens when the following options are enabled (you can find them at Basic settings):

PreventDownloadSurvivors - disallow survivor download
PreventDownloadItems - disallow item download
PreventDownloadDinos - disallow dino Download
PreventUploadSurvivors - disallow survivor Upload
PreventUploadItems - disallow item Upload
PreventUploadDinos - disallow dino Upload