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ATLAS - The new pirate MMO from the ARK developer. Sail around the world with your friends and face the dangers!

RCON tool "ARKon"

Connect to the server

First you have to download that tool from here: Download

You need this tool in order to connect to your server via RCON. Open the RCON tool and click on Settings:


Enter the following entries into the settings:

Config name: Here you can enter your own label

Server IP: Your IP from your ARK server

RCON Port: Your RCON port. You can find that on the My servers page

Password: Your admin password that you set under Basic settings

Chat name: Here you can enter the name that is shown in the in-game chat, whenever you send a message from the RCON tool

It should look like that:


After that just click on save:


Your settings have been saved now. To connect to the server just click on Connect. You should be connected to your server now!