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ATLAS - The new pirate MMO from the ARK developer. Sail around the world with your friends and face the dangers!

My server does not appear in the list!

To find your server you should first look in the game. Enter the game and enter the name of the server at "unofficial" above. IMPORTANT: If your server has a password, click "Show Password Protected". After a - unfortunately a little longer wait - your server should appear.

By using the Steam Favorites Tab you can "add" your server and then play it. You have to click on "Display" on Steam on "Server" and then navigate to the Favorites tab. There on server add and then in the field the IP and the Query Port (the 15 at the end, instead of the 00) enter. As an example, add Then press Refresh (that's important, otherwise it will not work) and then you can join.

My gameserver is called differently?

There is something of 1x1 FUN ALLBioms? Yes that is correct. Because the grid (quadrant) has this name. But your server in Atlas ingame is named exactly as you named it. Admittedly a bit complicated but unfortunately not currently not different. If we introduce soon that each expansion server can give its own name, then there appears the specific name of the expansion server.

My server goes on and off, on and off!

That is indeed not wanted, please write us a ticket in this case, we look at it then gladly. Mostly this has a banal reason, which we can solve quickly.


For further questions, our support is looking forward to your inquiry :-) <MetaKeywords> atlas, expansion, grid, map, server, </ MetaKeywords>