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ATLAS - The new pirate MMO from the ARK developer. Sail around the world with your friends and face the dangers!

Expansion server

Expansion servers are servers (size extensions) that can be created via our web interface. Go to My Servers, click on the Atlas Server and then you will land directly in the Cluster Overview Tab. There you will see your Main Server with the absolute number of slots right next to it.

Requirements for Expansion Server is a main server with at least 20 slots, because the Expansion Server requires that you have at least 20 slots on the main server, which are then distributed equally. Example with 40 Slot:

Main server 40 slots -> add Expansion Server (x3) -> results in a main server with 10 slots and 3 x expansion servers with 10 slots each. Together, you still have the 40 slots spread across 4 game servers, each hosting a quadrant to Map.


You can also easily switch the quadrants you want to play later, but that also means the savegame is different for now. If you change back, you have your old savegame again, because the savegame folders are named after the respective map and quadrant.

You can always add or remove new expansion servers without losing anything on the main server or the remaining servers. You can also stop individual sections and restart.

Quadrants (grids)

With Altas you get a 15x15 large card included. The 15x15 stands for 15 quadrants in the X and 15 more in the Y-axis.

If you now imagine a chessboard, we call each field a quadrant or grid. Based on your coordinates, these fields have an X and Y axis that can be precisely defined in letters and numbers. A1 would therefore be the first field on the top left. A2 the right field next to it. B1 directly under A1 etc.


These fields are map sections and each map section can be hosted by a server. You do not have to offer the whole map in your cluster, you can start with a field and then expand it step by step.

The fields that you want to host must be connected together to make a transition. This transition is noted by ingame on a blue shimmering line on the ground. You can travel almost seamlessly between two sections of the map (two servers). If a corresponding expansion server is missing on one side of the map, this is shown as a flaming line through which one can not go.

We have put together several smaller maps with all the biomen and weather so you do not need an infinite number of servers to explore all Atlas. In addition, we have drastically reduced the prices of very large clusters so you do not have to be Croesus to discover all in Atlas.

I want to upload my own ServerGrid.json?

Currently this is not yet possible, but we are expanding the capabilities of our servers every day and that will definitely be possible in the near future.

Server Settings

The server settings and multiplier can only be set on the main server. The main server passes the settings to its expansion servers.

Example: Setting the HarvestAmountMultiplier to 100 on the main server also affects all expansion servers. Thus, you only have to make a setting once, which applies to all servers. We may also offer to make different settings per server.

If you find settings that we do not have, give and let us know, we will build them for you.


For further questions, our support is looking forward to your inquiry :-) <MetaKeywords> atlas, expansion, grid, map, server, </ MetaKeywords>