7 Days To Die: How do I make myself admin?

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7 Days to Die

In this tutorial we will briefly explain how you can register as an administrator on your 7 Days to Die server.

For 7 Days to Die servers, all admins will have to be registered in the serveradmin.xml file.

Where can I find my serveradmin.xml file?

For this you go to our web interface under My Servers -> Your 7 Days to The server -> Configuration file -> Select the file serveradmin.xml -> Load.

Alternatively you can find it via FTP.


Example of serveradmin.xml

Since the serveradmin.xml that comes with 7 Days to Die doesn't come with a permission system, we have a ready-made file here. You can simply copy this into the configuration file editor of the web interface.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<admin steamID="STEAMID64" permission_level="0" />

<moderator steamID="STEAMID64" permission_level="1" />

<permission cmd="dm" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="se" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="mem" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="admin" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="mod" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="cp" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="say" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="shutdown" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="st" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="le" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="cc" permission_level="0" />
<permission cmd="kick" permission_level="1" />
<permission cmd="ban" permission_level="1" />
<permission cmd="lp" permission_level="1" />




How do I find my SteamID64?

Here we will briefly show you how to find your SteamID64, which you will need to make yourself admin.

Go to steamid.co and enter your Steam display name there.

Rust 1 steamid.png

In this case the SteamID64 would be 76561197994023767.

Admin commands

An up-to-date list of all commands can be found at Gamepedia.com.