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    I just opened up a new server yesterday and today when I went to play, I was unable to find it.

    I came here to find the server was offline, but I had not turned it off.

    I restart it and the server keeps going back offline.


    Hello again!

    I was working on my server and started from scratch. Now my server status says it is online, but it is in pre-install and requires an updated before I continue. When I restart the server as the notice recommends, nothing changes or happens. I just bought more time and player slots and it is just discouraging that I am not able to play it now or continue working on it.

    Server name is US-Firelink-PvP-Island-PRIMITIVE.

    It is a password protected server at this time but I have changed the appropriate settings to locate the server on my PlayStation 4 system.

    Hello all!

    So I was wondering how I could program or what settings I need to change to set up a primitive server? I loved the server type when WildCard offered it on their official servers, but it seems that they have taken those servers down. ):

    I want items and engrams such as guns/ammo, scuba/riot/tek gear, metal structures, electrical items, industrial items, etc. like that removed so it forces the server to be a bit more difficult.

    Any advice or knowledge on how I can achieve this?