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    I have tried all of those options. I am logged in, how would I be able to post on this forum. I have logged out and back in over 10 times now and used that link and it keep redirecting me to the rend a server. The control panel just wont pop up and I think it is because the websites doesn't think I own a server with them. I do not know why but I can provide all the info I have been given to prove I did in fact rent a server from you guys.

    I used the link you posted and it sent me to renting a server. I already rented one and have connected to it through FTP and have bank statements saying you guys charged me but on this website it is saying I don't have one. Not sure why this is happening.

    I have scoured these forums and have seen people get responded to how to submit their own tickets to customer support but I have no option to submit my own ticket. I am having constant problems with the simplest things here like the website not saying I own a server when the banked charged me for it and I can connect to it through FTP and many more problems! I need a response asap before I lose my patience and demand a refund and never use your service again.