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    • A friendly PvP server i just created on the Ragnarok map. PvP is enabled but for the most part we are all about PvP so if you enjoy raiding, farming, fast taming, moddedrops. Then you might want to join and play i will have the server info posted below. I will ban anyone who breaks any rules even if your not in the discord. I just want to have a fun and a Non-Toxic PvP server. Taming speeds are Instant. Gathering speeds and XP gain has also been boosted highly, and Harvest Is 50x to help out with the grind of a new character.

      If you have any questions my PS4 name is "Brokxnbeats"

      Mods installed:

      Stack Mod

      IP address:

      Server name: 50xCHAOS-Instatame-StackMod-ModdedDrops-Shop

      Map: Ragnarok