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    Welcome to HappyTrailz 2x1 Map info! If you're here, you either stumbled upon this post or are looking for information about this map, available for use in your server for the game Atlas.

    This is a 2x1 map (meaning effectively it only needs a minimum of 20 server slots) and was designed by me with the intention of squeezing in some endgame content on the smallest map possible. It isn't always affordable to have many clusters going at once, especially for anyone just getting into managing their own server for the game. And who doesn't like doing the fun endgame stuff?

    With the magic of a mod called “Unlock Powerstones” made by “andargor”, and some minor adjustments to the servers ini files, you will have the opportunity to fight a Powerstone Boss, and deliver some deadly blows to the awesome Kraken. Not only that, you will be able to accomplish the main quests for Atlas and gain their unique perks from completion!


    What changes do you mean?

    Granted you know how to set up your server, in regards to stating your master server and expansion server, under Master Server, there is a section called “Configuration Files”. After this is selected, an area to the right becomes exposed, after the new page loads. It has a drop down that says “Select file”. Here, you want to choose ShooterGame\Saved\1656_A1\Config\WindowsServer\GameUserSettings.ini

    option. Text will now appear in the dark box below the drop down selection area. This area can be edited.

    Before you do this step, it is advised to boot your world up, at least once so that important information can be created in this file. Also be sure to have the mod downloaded and activated as well or the following edits will not work. Scroll down to the bottom of this area and at the very end, you'll want to copy and paste the following:


















    After that, just hit save, and restart your servers. It's advisable to also select “Apply Master Settings” in your cluster overview, as this will share this ini with the expansion server and keep things fluid.


    So what does this mod have to do with the map?

    To reiterate, there is only 1 Powerstone Island on this map. It uses the Powerstone Island for the second Powerstone. Together with the mod and ini edits, the game will give you and your players 8 of the 9 available powerstones and essences (number 1 and 3-9 to be exact) and you will be able to collect the last Powerstone and Essence on your own by defeating the powerstone boss, and after defeating the kraken, building the submarine and exploring the trench in the middle of A1. When you collect all 9 essences, you will be able to spawn the harder version of this boss.

    All 9 Powerstones, and then after all 9 essences, are needed to spawn the Kraken to fight. That's were your expansion server comes in. There is where you will fight the Kraken, as this area is designed exclusively for that. In-fact, a whole empty ocean area is required for the fight!


    Additional ini edits.

    You may notice, if you haven't already known of this issue, that when you spawn into your server, there may be a multitude of locations to spawn into. This is because, by default, the game auto generates spawn zones. We won't want this, since one has already been defined in this map. You'll want to add the following line in you server settings in GameUserSettings:



    When this has been added and saved, when you next spawn into the map, no spawn areas should show. Make sure your server has been restarted as well. This is intended, as you only have one place to spawn. Create your character, and you will spawn in the Freeport to the south-west of the map.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this map, please let me know in the comments below! I'll be happy to answer these in the best way possible. I always look forward to critique and suggestions to how the map can be improved!