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    are we talking pc or ps4?

    Im sorry, for ps4. I got it to work and then lost it...... found it again. Need to keep on "Container ownership" and keep off "ignore Ownership" on the G.portal site. and Make sure on the PS4 the "Container ownership" is toggled on. then force save it.

    Just rented a server and its PVP. I cant find an option to lock the chests. I just came from a rented server where i was able to lock the chest. What am i missing? Thx in advance. FYI: ive searched for an answer but found unanswered threads.

    So in the settings there is a whole roundabout way to get chests to lock and allow manually locking chests (Currently having many issues actually getting this function to show up and work properly) So I would like a little server setting slider that you could manually decide if you want players to be able to lock a chest or not.

    Having played on official servers and seen it work, it is a nice mechanic for keeping your goods safe while allowing you to have a box open to donate excess or overflow to people who might need or like to hoard resources.

    Have you figured this out yet??