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    I would like to suggest the fact that would be great if you could change ownership of servers. I know there are people that would be willing to take over servers if people didn't want to pay for them anymore. I have inherited one myself and added two, will be adding two more soon, but I am having to do it under the original account holder (ARK). People hate losing their game progress, no matter what game it is. That is exactly how I ended up with the original server, but now to cluster, they all have to be under the original account holder. I am lucky in the respect that I know the original owner and it isn't a problem, most probably don't get that lucky.

    ..........alrighty then.... thanks for the info. So when I add two more servers to cluster, I just have to keep them under the original account like I did before then, correct?

    Is there any way to get a copy of the ARK original file for game ini? I took over a server and added a couple and the drops on original Rag server are beyond ridiculous op. I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to the ini. Tried Beacon app and it did not work right, got it all set, but when I used the ini file it produced for me, the drops stayed suspended in mid air and it changed the character stats drastically, didnt look any further, restored a backup to get it back to where it was. Tried the website Gorgrak suggests and I can not make heads or tails of it. The previous server guy modded the drops and they are just unbelievable (he didnt know what he was doing either lol). So for now I would be happy if I could just get the drops to ARK norm. Is there some sort of help for an illiterate noob to this stuff out there that is step by step to understand how to do this or? Am somewhat computer literate 50+ year old trying to straighten this out with no success lol. I don't want to lose my 6 months worth of everything on the server, which is why I took it over anyway. Also is there a way to change the server to where the other guy that started it is not the admin any longer.....he still plays on it....just didn't want to pay for it lol.