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    I am trying to set my server up as Player vs Environment - Conflict.

    I have the PVP Enabled unchecked which sets the server to PvE.

    I have put in restricted PvP times, but the server is still listed as PvE…...not PvE-C.

    What do I need to do to get it to show up under PvE-C?

    Please help!

    I have seen other threads talking about this and some have said the go to "My Server", then "Basic Settings", then "PlayerStaminaCostMultiplier".

    The problem that I am that I can not find that on my settings at all. I have gone over everything on my settings very, very slowly to make sure that I did not skip over it by accident.

    Can someone please post a screen shot of their settings page showing where this is at?

    This is for the Conan Exiles game for PC.

    Thank you!