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    hi everyone, recently rented server running michigan map. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Find us at Zombie_teacup's farm under international. Look forward to seeing u there.

    Mod list: michigan map.

    Hi, i recently rented a server but when i try and search through the fs19 server list i cant see my server but my friend can see it on his PC.

    I tried clicking on multiplayer then create and was able to get a friend to join my game.

    If anyone can provide me with some help it would be a big help. Thanks

    Hi, i recently rented a server and when i load up the game i cant see it in the server list.

    I clicked on multiplayer then create in the fs19 game page and was able to have a friend join the game but when i log off the game my friend gets kicked off.

    if anyone can help me on this issue it would be a big help. Thanks.