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    Night Raid is a 20 slot new server on ps4 PVE-Conflict.

    We have purge active and currently working on making the server enjoyable. If you have any suggestions for the server settings please feel free to send us a message.

    It is a boosted server with x3 exp and x10 gathering, purge level 6, needs 2 active players or clan members to be purged, no offline purge.

    We are currently giving out starter pack to the people that are joining the game.

    Starter pack:

    Camel - T2 weapon of your choice - T2 gathering materials and T2 foundation buildings.

    We also offer a Demonic Spider thrall or 1 greater thrall of your choice to the first 10 people to reach 60.

    Psn: CuriousSheep / xLockHart23

    Add them to claim your starter pack.

    We are looking forward to see you dominate in our server! :thumbsup: