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    Ill send you my custom map just message me @Death Strike Gaming#1446 if you want anything edited just make sure you let me know your requesting map assistance for the 3x3, files are too large to post here

    Once you have added the engram overrides to the defaultgame.ini you have to use a program like file zilla connect to each server grids IP:Port with your unique login info under server status go to directory /ShooterGame/Saved/**ServerGrid**/Config/WindowsServer in the remote site and change each game.ini individually or the game will default to that individual maps game.ini when changing zones

    note- **servergrid** is the server grid folder name such as XXX_B1 or XXX_A3

    Though having increased engrams is nice you get 741 at level 101 by default which is enough to have 80% of the skills in the game if not using mods, if your worried about max level calculate how many discoveries are in your map, if you have powerstones and server boss include 510 points, 40 points a powerstone and 150 for boss and add 100 for whales (50 each 1 time discovery) if they are in your map. The default discovery is 25 points per character level with minimum 3 points per island discovery.

    if your server level cap without discoveries is 50 you need 425 discovery locations in your map or 225 with powerstones and 222 total if you have whale discoveries enabled. 1275/3=425; (1275-510)/3=225); (1275-510-100)/3=221.6 with default values. Adjust your minimum discovery points accordingly for your map discovery size or increase the server soft-cap

    For my server I have made a personal 3x3 map and added discovery points to the islands themselves so an island closer to fp gives 5 points, and an island farthest away gives 20 and the powerstone islands give 20 points and POI discoveries give +5 points more than the island themselves.

    You have to Zip the Maps individually in a group from within the map folder not the folder itself, also make sure your map name is ServerGrid.json and don't use the one that says servergrid.serveronly.jason, if you are getting the file size is too big drop map quality to 80%

    Trying to figure out a way to prevent building on my FP cluster or at least the FP islands, and have PVE for FP only and pvp for Lawless and claimable zones

    What you do is you have to change the Ini for each grid, to do this log into your server using an FTP like FileZilla and under the status page : Access data

    All access data relevant for a game server to find your FTP password and username and substitute the IP and Port using whats on the cluster page for each server then navigate to the game.ini and the gameuser.ini and edit them for the settings you want per server, be warned however if you update the ini from gportal itself it will write to all ini not just the main server, this is also a great way to where if you want players to explore putting 2x xp outside the freeport squares will help motivate them to move out or increase xp in he freeport but lower resource gathering and the opposite in outside the freeport.