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    Hai gportal_973354,

    As Fair Mod Mother said, it would be nice to know what type of game

    For the basics, you can check if the mods are up to date, sometimes a mod can stop working after a update

    What you can do is

    - Note pad and write down all the mods you have installed in the server

    -Remove them and add them back one by one

    -Each time you add one mod restart and see if the server keeps on shutting down or not. If not then you can add another mod till you find the "bad" one that isn't working properly.

    If you let us know what type of game it is, we can help you more directly to the problem :)

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

    Hai NattiTheBaddi,

    If you click on the link as Fairy Mod Mother has posted are you still logged in?

    When i clicked on the link it opened a new tab for me but i wasn't signed in.

    If you see the Rent a server again, sign in, perhaps you can find it then. Still no option? Try to click on the link again after you closed that tab. Worked for me :)

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards,

    I hope what Fairy Mod Mother has said did help you along with this.

    I don't really "play" with these settings so i don't really know it myself.

    I tried to give you the standard settings and help you out in that way.

    But seeing that it will be changed as Fair Mod Mother has mentioned you might want to try those settings.

    Sorry that i couldn't help as much on this one tho

    Hai Sawce,

    If you try to go to your own donation link it will indeed say " Error you cannot donate to yourself"

    If you have a secondary g-portal account you can actually look up with the other g-portal account but it just shows on how much the person wishes how to donate.

    If you wish for some one else's donation link he or she has to go to their own profile copy their donation link and give it to you.

    As for the g-portal account on where you have your servers on there is currently no option to find some one or become friends with as far as i know off.

    My higher ups may correct me if i am wrong.

    Hope this somewhat helps you and clarifies a bit more :)

    Kind regards,

    Hai erosxin,

    If you have done multiple restarts and there is still no sign of your server booting up as what Haddie Lee said your CPU and RAM activity isn't showing, even after stopping and starting the server a few times then i do suggest as Haddie Lee stated to submit a support ticket.

    Sometimes the server needs a few restarts in order to get up to date, it can happen that it takes sometimes an hour to work but normally it is quicker than that.

    Kind regards,

    Hai Surbus,

    After looking it up there is indeed no option for PVE-C

    However there is already a thread saying on how to do it and it would list your server as PVE-C

    Gorgrak has posted this:









    These settings should give you the setup for doing PVE-C.

    You can play around with the PVPTimeWeekdayStart + End if i am correct to enable pvp during that time.

    If you can't find anything about these settings you can go to Server Setting ini files in the Configuration Files tab

    As i do not own a PVE-C server i hope this might help you along the way!

    Kind regards,

    Hai gportal_60274696,

    As for those settings i don't really touch them or have done as much.

    But i can give you default numbers of a fresh installed server.

    MaxBuildingDecayTime: 1296000.000000

    BuildingDecayTimeMultiplier : 1.000000

    MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish: 604800.000000

    These are the settings when i freshly make a new server.

    Hope this helps you :D

    Kind regards,

    Haii Astanias,

    I'm not really much familiar to that modded map

    Has she tried to verify her games files on steam?

    This may or may not work.

    Steam - ARK - Right click - Properties - Local - Verify Integrity of Games Files

    If she already have done these steps, i'm sure one of our G-Portal team will assist you further.

    Sorry for any inconvenience

    Hope this works!

    Kind regards,

    Haii gportal_615969_US,

    As far that i know of you can't raise the XP on the thralls and animals manually.

    You can train trails by making them follow you and go on boss fights or regular fights

    There is a boss list which also tells how much xp it will get. However i'm not sure if it's the same xp since there are many updates released.

    As for the animals you can ride animals to level them up

    kind regards,