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    Here's the exact steps I did which Chaosgeneral described in order to get my rates working. Still not sure about Discovery as I tried something new but haven't reset the server yet.

    1. Connect to your server via FTP (Filezilla is a good one to use). To connect you need to open Filezilla. You will see "Host,Username,Password,Port" with space for you to enter your information. To get your specific server information, click My Servers-->Your Server-->Status Tab. Scroll down and you can find this info under "Access Data"
    2. Enter the info and press Quickconnect.
    3. In the bottom right box, navigate to ShooterGame--->Saved. Here you will find a "Config" folder. Copy it.
    4. Navigate to ShooterGame-->10_A1 (This folder may be called something different depending on the grid you chose.) Paste the folder here.
    5. Navigate to ShooterGame-->Config. Open up the file DefaultGameUserSettings.ini. Here you can set your rates to whatever you want and then save and reupload the file back to your server.

    That should do it, simply stop your server and any expansion maps you have, wait about 5-10 minutes and then start them up again.

    Ok ive done all that and now will leave the server offline for 15 mins and hope for the best. If you have 2x2 do you put the config folder under each grids folder? (10_A1). Ive already tried using the folder in every grids folder but maybe it would have worked if I waited longer than 5mins to start the server again.

    It took a little while to propogate for me. Stop the server, wait 10 minutes, restart server. Make sure you check that the game.ini and the gameusersettings.ini have the values you want.

    If that still doesn't work, also change the defaultgame.ini and stuff in the base config folder.

    when you say "defaultgame.ini" do you mean that specific one or "defaultgameusersettings.ini" lmao